Factos that led to Byzantine Empire What factors, internal and external, might explain the success of th Byzantine Empire's survival for so many centuries/ What were the factors which led o its ultimate decline and fall Cause of Success   Cause of Decline

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Google Books is a good place to look for information about questions such as the ones you've raised.  Google Books offers extensive previews of many books. (So does Amazon; you can use their preview feature if you have an Amazon account, which costs nothing.) The best books to look for are ones that have been peer reviewed -- in other words, assessed and approved by other experts. Usually these books are published by university presses. Anyone can publish a book these days (just as anyone can slap up a web site or post to wikipedia), so it's even more important now than it was in the past to look for information that has been peer reviewed.  Here is a good place to begin a search of the topic you've raised:




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