Factors that influence thinking and intelligence building are: environment life choices will/volition life experiences and genes Choose two of these factors that enhance intelligence and...

Factors that influence thinking and intelligence building are:


life choices


life experiences and genes

Choose two of these factors that enhance intelligence and thinking and defend how these factors are most important to enhancing intelligence.  Describe how a negative experience with this factor may impact thinking and learning.  Reflect and share a strategy you may use in the classroom to support the learner in thinking.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To begin with, we have to understand that we do not really understand where intelligence comes from.  There is a great deal of dispute about the degree to which intelligence is innate and the degree to which it comes from things that happen during our lifetime.  We can see from the link below that scholars disagree on this issue.  Therefore, any answer given here can really only be an opinion.

In my view, one of the most important factors that influence our intelligence is our genes.  It seems clear to me that different people are born with different levels of intelligence.  If we accept Howard Gardner’s idea of multiple intelligences, we can say that people are born with different levels of different types of intelligence.  We can see this clearly from the fact that children born in the same family can exhibit very different types of intelligence.  Since we can assume that parents try to help all of their children learn equally, differences in intelligence between siblings must be due in large part to genetics.  A person who is born with, for example, a low level of linguistic intelligence may have a hard time learning to write well.  Such a person would need to be given extra time and help and it would be appropriate to try to give them tasks that can allow them to use the type of intelligence in which they are strongest.

While some of our intelligence is genetic, I also believe that our environment influences our intelligence and our ability to think.  Studies have shown, for example, that children from wealthier families can hear up to 30 million more words spoken to them by the time they are four years old than children from poor families will.  This surely requires the richer children to engage in more mental activity than the poor children.  It stands to reason that a child whose brain is being “exercised” is going to reach a higher level of intelligence than a child whose brain is allowed to remain relatively passive.  A teacher dealing with a child whose brain has not been stimulated in this way will need to encourage the child to engage with words as much as possible.  It would be a good idea, for example, to push the child to read as much as possible so as to give their brain the experience of interacting with words.

It seems likely that our intelligence comes both from our environment and from our genes.  This means that we can help children become more intelligent, but that our efforts (and the kids’ efforts) will be at least somewhat constrained by their innate capacities.

nikitasingh | Student

God blesses us all with some amount of intelligence and almost an equal size of brain that is left to us to use , but for those of us who wish to see a more scientific view of this , here's an answer 
um , a child's brain development starts from the age of three months of the fetus being in their mother's womb , and it depends on basic nourishment provided by the mother's diet but moreover , iodine mainly a component that is added externally to salt helps in brain development , a deficiency of iodine may result in incomplete development of the brain from a stage as young as three months.Now that is something that we cant control , but how we value and use our brain after our birth decides our intelligence level...mostly.
Child psychology is thoroughly complicated because a child's mind shaping depends a lot upon the thoughts and environment that surrounds the mother while they're still in the fetus stage , we see kids that are musically talented , that may be extraordinarily smart or may possess any other peculiar talent. studies indicate that these talents usually get inculcated through the activities that a mother takes part in during those 9 months of pregnancy. So that establishes the fact that genes do play a very important role!

Now hey! , don't get your hopes low or something , its alright if your not Jeffrey Archer  or John Lennon , you've still got a chance!

Through our life we usually use a very less part of our brain ,to do most of our tasks, the rest just remains unused. One of the smartest people that we know of , Albert Einstein only used about 3% of his brain to deduce those mind boggling equations and to uncover the secrets of *PHYSICS*.At the end of the day it all depends on how much of your brain do you use. you may not be born bright or smart but you can always study or train your mind to increase your intelligence.Speaking of which, intelligence is a relative term, you may be intelligent as compared to the kids in your school but may not stand a chance in front of students of another school.Moreover , intelligence  is more of a choice , you can chose to be lazy and choose a life of leisure, or you could use that *big* head of yours and do something worthwhile.

Only facts or good IQ do not help to get ahead in this race of life where everyone sweats every minute to make something out of their life , we need experiences to guide.Now we can learn from other people's experiences(*now that is something really smart*) , or bang our heads with the problems ourselves and learn from that. Intelligence gets polished through life experiences, we train our minds from the lessons that we get from life experiences, that help us analyse our targets or problems in life and find solutions that suit us, using those life experiences.....So i would like to say that life experiences add value to your intelligence.....and hence do play an important role!

Will/volition ..... Now that is something we all need to inculcate in ourselves to strengthen ourselves , to give ourselves that kick to achieve our goals, live our dreams and become successful in whichever career option we choose.It's effect on developing intelligence happens in a very peculiar way , at least i think so !, If we strengthen our will and take  it in our stride to do any particular task , we will succeed , we will overcome those hurdles , threatening us to back off. It's relation with intelligence could be in a way that , we can WILL ourselves to study hard , to practice more , to train hard in order to perfect ourselves in a given task.All this ultimately results in strengthening of our will , our brain and in one way or the other increasing our capacity to use our brain, thereby nurturing out intelligence to grow.

A negative impact of this experience could be the fact that we simply may not possess enough courage, will or volition to accomplish our task , thereby not helping our intelligence in any which way. As long as genetic influence is concerned , it is something that is not in our hands , situations decide whether we are born with a sufficiently developed brain/intelligence or not.Third, life experiences can have a negative experience on our intelligence too , because it impacts us everyday, if our life experiences are too negative , we may turn out to pessimistic about our options in life and thereby not exploring the many choices provided to us by life. On the flip side , we may just not have many life experiences to learn from!

*I sincerely don't really know how to respond to the last part of your question* , but in the end i would like to say , that intelligence is not something that we can choose for ourselves , its just something we may be born with. We can always enhance our knowledge by training our mind but that can happen only up to a certain limit.At the end of the day it doesn't matter how many marks you scored in your math or physics test , it all depends on how successful are in life , in the field of your choice! 

*I hope that answered your question , and ugh my hands hurt from all that typing! , so do make sure click that thumbs up if like it :")*