Factor. A) x^2+2x+1 B)x^2+11x+30

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`A)`    `x^2+2x+1`      Factorizating set it equal zero:


`x^2+2x+1=0`     `Delta= 4-4(1)=0`  ha only a solution as a twice.

`x=(-2+-0)/2`      `x_1=x_2=-1`


`B)`    `x^2+11x+30`

in order to factiorize it we need to set it equal zero:


`Delta= 121-4(30)=1`   hastwo differetn solutions

`x=(-11+-sqrt(1))/2`        `x_1=-5`     `x_2=-6```

so:  `x^2+11x+30=(x+5)(x+6)`

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A. we have


we can write it as





B.  We  have


factorize 30, we write 30=5 .6

=x^2+(5+6)x+30   (spilit middle term)




This method is called spiliting middle term method.