Factor the polynomial : y^2 + yt - 12t^2Y2+yt – 12t2

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

y^2 + yt - 12t^2

`y^2 + yt - 12t^2`

You must use factors of the first term (`y^2)`  which are y,y and cross multiply with the factors of the third term `-12t^2`

which are 1,12 and 2,6 and 3,4

Between the factors you must render the value of the middle term ,in this case 1yt. 

Try: (y - 3t) and (y + 4t) as these are the only factors when cross multiplied that will give you 1yt.

`therefore` = (y-3t)(y+4t)