Factor influence youth on exercise  I'm now doing a research on "The important of exercise on youth".I need some arguement info about factor influence youth on exercise ( health concern, peer...

Factor influence youth on exercise  

I'm now doing a research on "The important of exercise on youth".I need some arguement info about factor influence youth on exercise ( health concern, peer support,physical appearance and improve quality of life)

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

*Before giving you some ideas, remember you cannot use anything you read on enotes as "expert" opinion, as none of us have actually conducted and published studies in youth exercise (I assume anyway).  So any ideas you get on here you should then look up in professional journals and prove with actual expert opinion.

First, you need to define the ages you are talking about when you say "youth."

Factors influencing elementary school children are going to be far different from factors influencing high school students.

Elementary school students are most likely motivated by ENJOYMENT more than anything, and if exercise is part of the school day they will participate.

High school students on the other hand, most certainly are motivated by physical appearance and health (many of them), ability to be good at a sport, and peer pressure.

Use your college's research database ERIC (for educational journals) and search for a couple of these keywords, see where this leads you in the area of professional opinions:

  • Elementary Physical Education (you are looking for "why keep it as part of the curriculum")
  • children and fitness
  • healthy children
  • childhood obesity (I just imagine you could find a lot of research to support physical fitness for children if you look at it from the problem first)

Scan through several articles you run across with these keywords.  You might even add the word "reasons" to some of the above and see what turns up.

Good luck.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are of course many reasons that youth should engage themselves in exercise no matter what age group you are talking about. Like the previous post stated, the reasons for engagement at different age levels will vary.

When children are younger, they often engage in exercise as a form of play with their peers. For example, children go outside and run, play tag, ride bikes, etc.

As children get older, especially high school, physical appearance becomes more important and they exercise to maintain a healthy weight and look "good." I believe that they do have peer support because high schoolers (especially girls) like to work out with friends.

I spend a lot of time around children of all age levels and rarely do children say "I want to exercise because I want to be healthy." Most children that exercise do it because of sports activities or spending time with time with friends.

I do encounter more children who rarely exercise because they are more consumed with watching television or playing video games. This is a major concern the we face now days with children getting adequate amounts of exercise.

kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just a small thing, you can look up the research if you'd like to use the idea, but the huge decrease in the number of kids who ride their bikes to school.  I live in a community where this is eminently possible for a huge number of kids, but very, very few of them do it.  People have put forth a variety of reasons, parents being too scared to let them being towards the top of the list, but the drop is absolutely tremendous and coincides quite clearly with the rise in obesity among children.

Obviously it cannot be the only factor, but it can be a great addition to a paper as a contributing cause or interesting case study.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let's look at what influences kids not to exercise.  Childhood obesity and poor health in general, though also caused by lack of exercise, compound the issue by making exercise more difficult.  The large amount of time kids spend in front of the TV, video games, or online, or texting/calling on cellphones makes them much more prone to move around and to play or exercise less.  Also, in many public schools, PE in the younger grades has been squeezed out in favor of extra math, reading and writing that kids are tested on.