What are two major conflicts developed throughout The Face on the Milk Carton?

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In the book The Face on the Milk Carton Janie discovers that she has been kidnapped when she sees her picture on a milk carton at school.  She lives next door to a high school student who she has a crush on.  The boy is called Reeve.  Janie and Reeve become close in a girlfriend and boyfriend way.  One day Janie asks Reeve to skip school and drive her to New Jersey.  It is getting late and the two are worried that they will get into trouble.  Janie does not want her mother to know that she has tried to seek out more information about her real parents.  As the two contemplate having a sexual relationship they rent a motel room.  However, Janie and Reeve decide not to stay and instead they put the key in the mailbox and leave.  They return home.

Janie has walked around with fear and worry about her need to contact her family of origin.  She has been in denial about the situation but can no longer deny it.  Reeve convinces her to tell her parents the truth and also contacts his sister to help.  Janie tells her parents the truth about the kidnapping and lets them know she needs to contact her origin family.

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