The Face on the Milk Carton Questions and Answers
by Caroline B. Cooney, Caroline Bruce

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For The Face On A Milk Carton. When Janie Sees Mrs. Shields Wearing The Apron What Vision Comes To Mind?

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Mrs. Shields is Reeve's mother and she and her family are neighbors as well as long time friends of Janie’s family. On this particular occasion, Janie is overwhelmed by her discoveries and the possibility that she may have been kidnapped so she runs to Reeve’s house. There, she finds Mrs. Shields watching a television program in which one character, Timmy’s mother, was wearing an apron and this triggered Janie into her second ‘daymare’. Janie vividly envisioned her mother’s apron including its details and canvas-like texture. She also recalled that the apron had a pocket in which her mother put small candies that Janie reached out for from time to time. However, Janie consciously remembered that her mother does not put on aprons. It is also during this time that Mrs. Shields tells Janie that she has known her and her parents since they moved into the neighborhood from the time Janie was only five.

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