The Face on the Milk Carton Questions and Answers
by Caroline B. Cooney, Caroline Bruce

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What happens at the leaf pile? 

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After the birth certificate incident with her mother and yet another daymare, Janie was upset and took off to Reeve’s house. She found him in the yard raking leaves and she joined in. However, Janie raked so fast that Reeves noticed that something was wrong. He lay on the pile of leaves that had been gathered and then inquired from Janie what the matter was. Janie went to sit next to Reeves on the pile of leaves and even though she felt safe, she was uncomfortable to reveal what she suspected of her parents. She only asked Reeves about the traceability of the 800 number which she saw on the milk carton. After this, she and Reeves engaged in their first kiss. It was long and passionate only to be interrupted by Reeves’s mother who informed him that he had a call. After Reeves left, Janie got up and noticed their bodies had left impressions on the leaf pile so she erased the impressions before going into the house.

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They are raking the leaves in the backyard, then Reeve pulls Janie down into the leaves as they share a kiss. They are startled by Reeve's Mom calling for him for the phone, and he awkwardly hurries away. 

Their two bodies had left prints on the leaf pile, like angels in the snow.