fabrics and their sources?

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Different fabrics come from different sources. Some are natural while others are synthetic, or man made. Cotton is an example of a natural fabric because cotton comes from a plant. The cotton fibers grow around the plant's seeds in a small pod. These pods are picked like any other crop. The seeds are removed and the cotton fibers are processed into threads. These threads are then woven together to form a fabric. Another natural fiber is silk. Silk comes from several different animals like the moth caterpillar's cacoon and the silk worm. Other fibers comes from animals as well. Wool, for example, is sheep's hair that has been cut or sheared. Synthetic fibers, such as rayon, spandex, and acrylic, are made man. These fibers are not derived directly from plants or animals but are manufactured in a lab or factory. Often, synthetic and natural fibers are mixed to produce a stronger, longer lasting material.

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