In Fables, most characters are easily recognized, except for Rose. Which fable story is she from?

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In the Fables comic strip, Rose Red is from the German fairy tale Snow-White and Rose-Red.

In the fairy tale, Snow White and Rose Red are loving sisters. They live together in their mother's cottage and work hard to keep their home neat. The sisters eventually play host to a bear. The bear visits the sisters every evening for the whole of the winter. When summer comes, the bear tells the girls that he must take his leave. He maintains that he must guard his treasures from wicked dwarfs.

As time progresses, the girls see no more of their bear friend. However, they do come across a rude, little dwarf in the forest. The sisters save the dwarf from at least three mishaps. As for the dwarf, he shows very little appreciation for the help he has received from Snow White and Rose Red.

In due time, the sisters come across the rude dwarf admiring some precious stones in his possession. When the dwarf realizes that the girls are in his presence, he barks rude insults at them. Just then, a bear lumbers up. He approaches the dwarf and kills him, despite the latter begging for his life. After the dwarf dies, the bear changes his appearance. He becomes a young, good-looking prince. The prince tells Snow White and Rose Red that he was bewitched by the dwarf, who stole his treasures.

The story ends with Snow White marrying the prince, while Rose Red marries the prince's brother.

In the Fables comics, Snow White is married to Prince Charming until the latter commits adultery with Rose Red. The adulterous relationship is the reason for the breakup between Snow White and Prince Charming.

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