Faber and Granger each talk about what they did when books began to be destroyed in Fahrenheit 451. Discuss the actions that each of these characters took and the results of their actions. How did their actions either fight against or give tacit permission to the book burning? Why is it important to speak up when you believe in something?

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When Montag visits Professor Faber in part 2, Faber tells Montag that he is a coward who refused to challenge the government's censorship policy and simply retreated into the comfort of his home where he could not be harmed. Faber was afraid of the consequences of voicing his dissent and feared that he would be arrested or killed by government agents. Instead of taking a stand, Faber passively acquiesced and chose to fantasize about challenging the government. Faber regrets his cowardice and believes that he allowed the government to enforce its laws by not fighting...

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