If f(x)=x^2-3 and g(x)=5x-2, evaluate f(-1)-g(2)?

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To evaluate expressions like `f(-1)-g(2)` , we need to remember that a function evaluation is just a number, and that two numbers may be subtracted like in that expression.  This means that each function needs to be evaluated separately, then subtracted.

`f(-1)-g(2)`   sub -1 in f(x) and 2 in g(x)

`=((-1)^2-3)-(5(2)-2)`   now evaluate, being careful with order of operations

`=(1-3)-(10-2)`   continue to work from the inside out



The expression evaluates to -10.

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`f(x)=x^2-3`    `g(x)=5x-2`

`f(-1)=(-1)^2-3=1-3=-2`   `g(2)=5 xx 2-2=10-2=8`

So  `f(-1) - g(2)= -2-8=-10`