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Eyes blink 900 times each hour. About how many times would your eyes blink 8 hours?

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In one hour eyes blink 900 times. Assuming constant rate of eye blink each hour eye will blink 8 times than one hour in 8 hours.

Eye blink in one hour `= 900`

Eye blink in eight hours `= 900xx8 = 7200`

So the eye will blink 7200 times approximately within 8 hours.

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tonys538 | Student

It is given that eyes blink 900 times each hour. To determine how many times you would blink your eyes in 8 hours multiply the number of times eyes blink in an hour by the number of hours.

Multiplying 800 by 9 gives 800*9 = 7200.

In 8 hours you would blink your eyes 7200 times.

amysor | Student

Since a eye blinks 900 times a hour, to find out how many times in 8, you simply multiply by 8.

900*8= 72,000 times a eye blinks in 8 hours