To extract copper from an ore like copper (II) oxide, a more active metal such as aluminum could be used.   - Classify the reaction, write a balance a chemical equation. Include states. 

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways in extracting copper from its ore. One of which is to react with a more active metal such that of Aluminum. You can also make it to react it with Carbon (C), Carbon monoxide (CO) or Hydrogen gas (H2). This type of reaction is called the redox (reduction-oxidation) reaction. Here are some of the examples of the balanced chemical reaction of CuO with their corresponding states.


Reaction with C:

`2CuO + C -> 2Cu + CO_2`  
    +2  -2    0             0       +4 -2

Reaction with Al:


`3 CuO +2 Al -> 3 Cu +Al_2O_3 `     
    +2  -2        0             0        +3    -2

Reaction with H2

`CuO + H_2 -> Cu + H_2O`      
  +2 -2      0            0       +1   -2