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by Joseph Conrad

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"Exterminate all the brutes" Comment fully with reference to Kurtz's report, showing how it highlights the hunt for power.

Kurtz's report, "Exterminate all the brutes," highlights his hunt for power by showing his need to control and suppress the dark forces within his soul. When Kurtz wrote these words he had come to the frightening realization that he had gone native, becoming caught up in what white men regard as barbaric practices. The only way he could escape from what he'd become was by exercising power over himself and exterminating the "brutes" within.

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It's clear from what Marlow discovers about Kurtz that he was a bit of a control freak. Whether it was his fiancée, the indigenous people with whom he came into contact, or even the features of the natural landscape, Kurtz felt like he owned them all and that he was therefore entitled to control them.

Kurtz's attitude is an extension of the colonial mindset, which sees everything in the colonies as objects of exploitation. This includes...

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