In the expression 3x2 − 8xy + 5y2, how many terms are in the expression?

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In the algebraic expression  `3x^2 -8xy +5y^2,`

there are 3 terms.  Terms are separated by addition, subtraction or equal signs.

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Terms are the "groups of items" that are being added (or subtracted).  We have 3x2, 8xy, and 5y2 being added (or subtracted).  So, there are 3 terms.

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In the expression 3x2 − 8xy + 5y2, there are terms in the expression

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In the expression 3x2 − 8xy + 5y2, there are three (3) terms. Terms are separated by addition and subtraction signs (-) & (+).

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An algebraic expression consists of a group of terms separated by operators, which are either plus signs or minus signs. A term is either a number by itself, which is called a constant, a variable by itself or a number multiplied by a variable.

Here, in the expression `3x^2 - 8xy + 5y^2` ,

first term=`3x^2`

second term=`8xy`

third term=`5y^2`

Therefore, there are three terms in the given expression.