Express the weight of a "Quarter Pounder" in grams, given 2.205 pounds (lb) is equal to 1 kilogram (kg).

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The answer here is that a Quarter Pounder weighs about 113 grams.  Here is how we find this answer.

First, we start with the assumption that a Quarter Pounder is truly .25 of a pound.  Then we find out how many kilograms are in .25 pounds.  We can do this by setting up the following equation:

2.205/1 = .25/x

When we do the math, we will get the answer for how many kilograms are in .25 pounds.

First, we cross multiply and get

.25 = 2.205x

We then divide by 2.205 to solve for x and we get

x = .113

So we know that .25 pounds is .113 kg.  So now to get to grams, we move the decimal point three places to the right because there are 1000 grams per kilogram.  This gives us 113 grams.

So we know that .25 pounds is about 113 grams.

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