Express the following ratinal numbers decimal numbers .-5 /4

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-5/4 .

Keep the -, minus sign separately which can be attached  at the end.

Divide 5 by 4 : 5=4*1+1=4*Q1+R1

Quotient Q1 is 1 and remainder R1 is 1.

Here the quotient is an integer  1 and is the integer part of the rational number 5/4.

Take remainder R1  is 1. The remainder (R1)*10=1*10=10.Divide the 10 by 4. We get 10 =4*2+2=4Q2+ R2 . Therefore,here the coefficient of 4 is the quotient Q2 = 2. And  remainder R2=2 is the remainder.

Take the the mainder R2, that is 2 . And mutiply it by 10. That is, (R2)*10=2*10=20. Divide 20/by 4.Then, we get 20=4*5+0=4Q3+R3. Here the quotient is Q3 =5 and the remainder = 0. The process terminates.

Jot down the integer part quotient Q1 first , to its right a decimal  point,then to the right quotitent ,Q2 and to its right Q3 one after the other  place inorder which looks like Q1.Q2Q3

Therefore, 5/4=1.25  Now place the sign to the left as below.

Therefore, -5/4=-1.25.