Express -920 degrees as an angle in standard position

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pramodpandey | Student

Standard notation of the angle is `0<=theta<=360` ,when angle measures negative ,it means it measure clockwise direction. Anti clock wise direction is considered as positive.

-920  -  angle measured clockwise direction.

920= 720+200

`920^o=720^o +200^o`

`` ie. `0^o<200^o<360^o`  and two rotations.

-920^o= two rotations plus 200^o ,clock wise direction.

oldnick | Student

If Iìve got right ya wanna  write the angle of `920^0`  in a angle between  `0^0`  and `360^0`

Since:   `920^0=2xx360^0+200^0`

the angle we are searching for is of  `200^0`