The exposition transports you into the world of the story. What do you learn about the setting in lines 1-8? Describe the mood that the setting details help to create.

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The setting is very important to the story “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant".  In the first eight lines of the story, the reader learns some things about the setting. First, we learn that the time of year is summer. The time of year is an important part of setting the mood of the story – a young boy during the carefree summer days, falling in love with a girl. We also learn that the story takes place on the river, where the narrator’s family was vacationing in a cottage that year. The river is important not just because this is where the narrator meets the girl, but it also sets up the conflict:  which is more important, his love for fishing or his love for the girl? Finally, the author mentions the woods between the two cottages. The narrator mentions "I would sneak through the woods to their hedge and stare enchanted at the candlelit swirl of white dresses and bright, paisley skirts” (line 7-8). The woods are important because they show there is a separation (the woods and hedge) between the narrator and Sheila Mant.

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