Explore the ways Miller dramatises conflict between Elizabeth and John Proctor.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that Miller is able to dramatize the challenges between both husband and wife through the use of emotional tension that exists between them.  Miller makes it clear that husbands and wives live in dramatic moments that the outside world might not see the drama that exists in the realm of the person.  Miller is able to bring out the tension that lives in both Elizabeth and John in the way in which they speak to one another when we first see them together.  The spectre of his infidelity and her lack of trust in him helps to build the drama between them.  The spicing of the broth when she is not there and the disclosure that there is still "Winter" between them are ways in which Miller is able to dramatize the tension that exists between husband and wife.  The lack of communication when Elizabeth finds out that John was alone with Abigail is yet another way in which Miller brings out the tension and conflict that exists between husband and wife.  For Miller, the challenge that exists between both husband and wife is where the tension and dramatic conflict lives.  It is here where Miller places focus in the Second Act, helping to illuminate the conflict that exists between both.

paco24 | Student

He dramatizes the conflict by having a tension between them. Everytime they see eachother she wants him but he keeps his distance. Its a love and hate relationship at first but at the end its more of a hate relationship. Idk if this will help but yea..