Explanatory and critical notes on Jane's encounter with Rochester?

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Jane first encounters her employer, Mr. Rochester, in chapter 12 of the novel. She does not realize who he is. He is riding his horse at a very fast gallop, and flies by her. Up ahead, the horse slips on the ice and the rider falls off. She runs to help the rider and notices that he is not quite middle-aged, is dark and has a stern look, with dark eyes and dark eyebrows. He also has his dog with him. He is brusque with her and rides off. Later, when she returns to Thornfield, she sees the same dog (who is named Pilot) and soon learns that the man she encountered out on the Moors was her employer, Mr. Rochester, whom she meets the next day. Although he is dark, brooding and mysterious, she is drawn to him. As Jane learns more about Mr. Rochester, she becomes attracted to him, but she believes he views her as a servant, no more. Eventually, she learns that he has feelings for her as well, but he puts her through a lot of "testing" before he reveals these feelings.

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