Explanation of (The Lake Isle of Innisfree)?I want the explanation and an analysis stanza by stanza.

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a popular story that William Butler Yeats wrote this poem 'The Lake Isle Of Inisfree' whilst experiencing a suden pang of homesickness caused by the sound of a trickling fountain among the throng of people in central London - a place he had initially been keen to get away to. So it is worth looking for echoes of this during your analysis.

Yeats' early poetry was beautiful, lyrical and imaginative - later it would become more modern with echoes of cynicism and bitterness. Here though, The fist part deals with escapism, homecoming and peace - yet also with solitude. There is not space to do the whole analysis here for you so you will need to look for examples of this in your explanation.

The second part whilst combining these ideas with beautifully sketched paintings of the mind, then introduces a more metaphysical and philosophical concept - the idea of the earth being our grounding and in tune with our very heartbeats. This also displays the deep profundity of Yeats association with his beloved homeland's landscape. Look for examples of this.

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