Explain how competition for control of territory and resources led to the French and Indian War.

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the history of the world, most wars occur for an economic reason. Countries compete for wealth and resources that are usually found in the land they are quarreling over. This was never more obvious than the French and Indian War. The British and French were expanding their influences in the area of the New World that is now Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Ohio was essentially a vast wilderness with a wealth of natural resources. Fur trading was a very lucrative industry for both sides and Ohio provided what seemed like an unlimited supply of beaver to be hunted and slaughtered for fur.

Many wealthy British entrepreneurs were laying stake to claims in Ohio. Western Pennsylvania and Ohio were both disputed areas between France and England. Wealthy British business venturers were selling plots of land in Ohio for profit. The French did not feel that the British had special claim to Ohio. They also wanted Ohio for its capital potential and desired to stop the British movement west. They built a fort in Pittsburgh that the king of England felt was dangerously close to Pennsylvania. This led to increased hostilities between the two powers that ultimately ended in war.

This competition for Ohio and other disputed lands in North America obviously points to an obvious struggle for resources and land.