Explan how European expansion positvely influenced Native American and African societies.

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While most of the influence of Europeans in Africa and the Americas was negative in terms of subjugation and disease, there were some positive things to come out of colonization.  Europeans brought new foods and medicines to Africa.  Europeans also would eventually bring humanitarian aid in the form of Christian missionaries and this would improve childhood mortality rates.  

In the Americas, Europeans brought new foods such as wheat.  Europeans also introduced metal tools and firearms--these would become indispensable to native tribes, though it can be debated that the bow and arrow was a significant improvement over the early firearms brought by explorers.  The Spanish introduced the horse to the Plains and these animals helped tribes such as the Lakota and Comanche become successful buffalo hunters and warriors.  The horse would eventually become a form of currency on the Plains.  The settlers would also introduce concepts of a written language and certain types of governmental structure--the Cherokee of the Southeast would adopt these traits of "white" culture and would become quite successful before their removal in the 1820s.  

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