Explain (in your own words) what a percentage is. I will start you off with a problem: A dress costing $36.99 is on sale at 33% off. How much does it cost? Show the problem and its solution.

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A percentage is a part out of one hundred. (per- out of and cent- 100).

A dress costs $36.99, but is on sale for 33% off. The new selling price can be found by subtracting the discount.

The discount is 33% of 36.99. (Typically 33% can be thought of as 1/3 -- though technically 1/3 is `33 1/3%` )

Multiply 36.99 by `33/100` to get 12.2067, thus the discount is $12.21 (If the problem was 1/3 off, then the discount is $12.33)

The selling price is 36.99-12.21=$24.78 (Again if the discount is 1/3 the selling price is $24.66)

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