Explain (in your own words) the difference between zero divided by seven and seven divided by zero. Show a way of writing these two problems using mathematical symbols for division. Don’t forget to write the solution to each one! Do you have an easy way to remember the difference between the two? If you do, please share it please

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What is the difference between zero divided by seven `(0/7)`  and seven divided by zero `(7/0)` ?  First, by definition of division, this means to split into equal parts or groups.  For instance, if we try to divide 7 pizzas by 2 people evenly, each person would get `3 1/2`  pizzas.

But now try to divide 7 pizzas by zero people, how much does each person get? Well this doesn't really make sense.  You can't share among zero people, and you can't divide by zero.  Also, after dividing you can multiply back to get back to original number.  For example, `7-: 2 = 3.5 hArr 3.5* 2 = 7.`

However, `7-:0 = ? hArr ? *0 = 7`

Now for zero divided by seven.  Split 0 in seven parts.  Each part gets zero.

`0-: 7 = 0 rArr 0* 7 = 0`

``Therefore, as a math sentence the 2 would be:

`0/7 = 0 `` `

`7/0 =`  undefined.

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