Explain The Windmill Controversy From Snowballs Point Of View

Explain the windmill controversy in Animal Farm from Snowball’s point of view.

Please do not answer in big words. Make your answer good for a grade 9 student. Thank you.

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I will be happy to answer your question, but eNotes editors do not guarantee specific grades that your teacher may give you.

Snowball has determined that the highest ground on the farm would be a perfect place to build a windmill, which would "operate a dynamo" and provide electrical power to the rest of the farm. A windmill could produce more comfort for the animals--heating their stalls in the winter--and provide power for various machinery, such as a circular saw and milking machine. Snowball admitted that the plans were complex, and it would be hard work for the animals, but he assured them that the windmill could be finished within a year's time. The windmill would reduce the animals' work load to only three days per week, but if the windmill was not built, he believed that the animals would starve to death.

Snowball's "fantastic" ideas were beyond the comprehension of most of the animals, and Napoleon--far from the intelligent, deep thinker that Snowball was--called the idea "nonsense." When Napoleon saw Snowball's complex blueprints spread out on the wooden floor of the shed, he

"... looked closely... snuffed at them once or twice... then suddenly he lifted his leg, urinated over the plans, and walked out without uttering a word. 


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