How might affirmative action be affected by growing workforce diversity?

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The concept of affirmative action is a complex and nuanced one.  This would mean that it might need to be evaluated and assessed in the light of growing workforce diversity.  Certainly, the conditions that accompanied affirmative action in the past are not necessarily the exact same conditions that are present today.  This does not mean that affirmative action is not needed or that it can be dismissed.  Rather, there has to be greater examination as to how affirmative action fits into the modern workplace, where diversity is much more today than it was at the time when affirmative action was originally envisioned.  Part of this examination might involve how the workplace can continue to reflect the diverse nature of a heterogeneous society.  For example, what outreach are organizations making to ensure that levels of management and administration reflect the growing diversity of the workplace and society, in general.  This is a different type of question that is being asked of affirmative action.  Yet, it is one that needs to be asked, to ensure that affirmative action is reaching its maximum potential even though the social conditions that govern it now are vastly different than the ones that governed it when it was first conceived.


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