Explain why you believe a two party system is better than a multi-party system.Explain why you believe a two party system is better than a multi-party system.

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There are many arguments that could be made for and against a two party system.  Here are two reasons why, one could argue, the two party system is superior.,

  • It gives clear results.  In a two party system, there is always a party that wins and a party that loses.  This makes for much more clarity than in a multi-party system.  In the latter, you can have a situation where the biggest party in the legislature has 25% of the seats.  This makes it hard to know who the voters really support and it makes it hard to hold any one party responsible if things go bad.
  • It encourages moderate positions.  In a multi-party system, parties have an incentive to take extreme positions to attract a core set of dedicated voters.  By contrast, the Republicans and Democrats, for example, have to take positions that will attract at least half of the voters in the country.  These positions, in general, will have to be less extreme so as to attract more voters.

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