Explain why would you test the test tubes with the saliva at different pH solutions with Fehling's or Benedict's solution

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Saliva contains an enzyme called amylase--which begins the process of starch digestion in the mouth. Starch is a polysaccharide consisting entirely of monomers known as glucose sugars. Starch is an energy-- storage polysaccharide and when it is hydrolyzed to glucose, its energy will be available for use by cells. In the mouth, amylase converts starch into a dissaccharide known as malt sugar, consisting of two glucose molecules. Later on, starch will be completely digested in the small intestine to single glucose monomers.

The enzyme amylase is a protein that acts as a catalyst which speeds up the digestion of starch. I n order to work well, enzymes require specific conditions including pH and temperature within a...

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