Explain why this gruesome scene is an a essential part of the life cycle and conside the alternative.Brian describes a gruesome scene of decomposing body in the planes wreck.Hatchet book chapter 17.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous post addresses in a nice manner the rationale for seeing the body of the pilot.  Indeed, the survival pack discovery is essential for Brian.  Yet at the same time, the recognition of the decomposing body proves to reveal several truths to Brian at this critical moment.  The first would be that the body of the pilot represents what Brian will become without his new found will of survival and "tough hope."  If Brian quits in his struggle, he will die, and eventually, become like the body in the cockpit.  Additionally, the recognition of the carcass reflects how far Brian had come.  The pilot was the last human being that Brian saw before his experience in the wilderness.  In seeing the dead body now, at this moment, in comparison to the last time he saw him, Brian had undergone so much physical, emotional, and mental change.  The moment of recognition highlights this change, also.

laurenkate2488 | Student

When Brian finds the body of the pilot in chapter 17 it is essential to life's cycle because it shows some people live and some people die.  While Brian doesn't like seeing the body, he still faces it because looking for the survival pack is more important.