Explain why the term "lusty" Blanche is probably appropriate. please give me 3 supporting paragraphs of this topic, please. I will follow yr idea to do a new one again.

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I am not sure "lusty" is an appropriate term to describe Blanche.  The implication in such a term is that she is one dimensional, focused only on carnal matters of sensuousness and immediate gratification.  I don't think this is a fully accurate read of Blanche.  She is too complex and too riddled with so many other experiences and emotions to be seen as solely "lusty."  Certainly, there might be some aspects of "lust" within her, but even this can be seen from a different point of reference.  Indeed, we might surmise that lust is present when she sees the young boy and begins to flirt with him in a sensuous way, but Blanche also "lusts" after the idea of emotional connection and for something she might not be able to have.  Beneath the exterior that she presents, complex in its own right, is a naive craving for unity and symmetry, a voice begging to be taken care of and to be loved in a stable and unconditional manner.  I just think that to call her "lusty" might not be an appropriate term.

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