Explain why the survey question might lead to an erroneous conclusion."Do you think that it is not important to give extra toutoring to students who are not failing?"

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I agree with the previous post.  The biggest difficulty here is with the double negative.  In creating questions for surveys, it is best to be as clear as possible so that you can be sure that you are not getting responses that are based on misunderstandings of the questions.  Such answers would not be beneficial to you.

In addition, this question is not specific enough in its wording.  You would probably want to specify which students we are talking about here.  Do we mean all students who are not failing, or do we just mean those who are almost failing but are not quite there?  Responses are likely to be very different depending on who the respondents think will be offered the tutoring.

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The double negative can be confusing, leading to an incorrect response.

It wpuld be better to say:  Should students who are passing get extra tutoring?