Explain why social class is more important than race-ethnicity in determining a family's characteristics.

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A family's socioeconomic status determines what resources they will have access to and therefore how they will be able to shape their family. A family who struggles to simply earn enough money to feed everyone will not have the ability to show their children the wonders of national parks on the other side of the country. They may be so exhausted from working (and sometimes working more than one job) that there is no energy left in the evenings for reading time with young children. Parents may hold jobs which make it impossible for them to take off work and meet with teachers, and teachers may interpret this as a lack of interest. Studies have found that the way parents in lower socioeconomic groups speak to their children is different, and those differences contribute to lower academic success for their children over time. Because of financial stress, there is more likely to be a feeling of hostility in the home, and children may interpret that personally.

By contrast, parents with a...

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