Explain why a silent mutation might not affect the protein for which it codes.a point mutation that dosent change the amino acid sequence of a protein is know as a silent mutation.

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Mutations can range in severity from making an organism unable to survive, to having no effect at all (silent mutations.) Each set of three bases codes for a specific amino acid; some amino acids are coded for by more than one, different, three-base sequence.  If the mutation is from one base to another, and both three base sequences happen to code for the same amino acid, there is no change in the resulting amino acid. If the amino acid is the same, the protein is also the same and the organism is not affected.


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Silent mutation has no effect on the proteins and doesn't change the amino acid sequence of it. It differs from other different types of mutation, which can even kill the organism, and cause it to become extinct. It can be quite fatal to animals if experimented on. There would be no change of the amino acid sequence if the amino acid base sequences coded the same configuration, so it might not be adversally bad for the protein or the animal involved in this process.