Explain why it is necessary that HR mangers have very good understanding of jobs in their organizations.

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Human Resource (HR) Managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Their job includes recruitment, interviews, and hiring of new staff members; strategic planning inputs and acting as a link between the management and the employees. 

In order to carry out these functions efficiently and satisfactorily, HR managers need to understand the various job functions within the organization, whether it is a job they are interviewing candidates for or a position for which issues need resolution. It would be very difficult for HR managers to solve staffing problems (such as disputes or disciplinary actions) or recruit new staff, unless they understand the intricacies of the particular job. An example is the formation of an appropriate expert panel for interviews, which will not be possible without understanding the job functions. Similarly, mediation between employees and management would be very difficult if HR managers did not understand the job profile of the particular employee/s. 

Thus, it is expected that an HR manager has a good understanding of the jobs in their respective organization.