Explain why most women murder by poisoning their victims?Explain this using the information below (make reference to the information below) - '52% of women use poison to murder their victims...

Explain why most women murder by poisoning their victims?

Explain this using the information below (make reference to the information below) -

'52% of women use poison to murder their victims (Hickey, 1991)'.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any explanation we can give is pure speculation, however, here is my pure speculation.

First, many of the ways of murdering people are harder for women to accomplish given their relatively weaker bodies.  If a woman is killing a man, it is much less likely that she could strangle him, stab him, beat him to death, or do anything else like that where the murderer has to be about as strong as the victim.

I wonder if your statistic holds true in the US where there is so much more access to guns, which should not require as much strength to use as a murder weapon.  If your statistic does hold, I would simply assume that handguns are more of a macho thing and so women do not generally learn to use them.

rosechild | Student

Murderer's are demented, we know that.  Female's murderer's need to distance themselves from what is happening to the victim.  If they commit the violent act with a gun, or a knife, and physically overcome their victim in an act of violence, they will relive that incident over and over for the rest of their life due to the inate characteristic of the female psyche to relate events to emotions, and therefore remember the details of these events.  By poisoning their victim in a subtle, non-physical violence, the emotion is not felt in their demented murderer's mind, and they can distance themself from the event easier, and deny involvement alltogether.  Thus, if they get away with the act, they will be able to live on as if nothing ever happened, and just reap the ill gotten benefits of their murdering act.

mkcapen1 | Student

I read several books By Hinkley and what he seems to indicate is that women kill for different reasons than men a lot of the time.  Hinkley stated that women tend to kill because they need financial security, are seeking  revenge, enjoyment, or sexual stimulation.  

 Because of the nature of women, killing is often done after careful planning and poison's tend to be a good method to try and cover up the evidence.  70 % of females victims are family members or someone in regular contact with a female.  Since female murderers also have killed infants, the poison method probably allows it self to be administered by a woman in the care giver role.  The least obvious method is by poison.