Explain why Miss Maudie Atkinson would be a good friend for a young, motherless girl to have.

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Miss Maudie is a wise woman. Scout seeks her out often in the novel to discuss things. She is also assertive. Note how she speaks to the missionary women at the tea regarding their hypocrisy and prejudices. She is a confidant woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also intelligent and creative. She seems to care for people, especially children. In the beginning of the novel, she senses that Scout and Jem don't think their father can do much of importance, so she points out things that he CAN do. She is a strong female role model, and since Scout's mother is dead, Miss Maudie is a much better role model than Aunt Alexandra, who comes to care for the children during the trial.

See her other characteristics at the link below.

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Miss Maudie is kind and self-aware.  She does not sugar coat things, but she is open and honest.  I believe that she sets a good example for Scout.  She is outspoken and not restricted by the opinion of others.

One of the features that is very good about Miss Maudie is that she and Scout's father have a good relationship.  She is able to share things with Scout about her father that other people would not know about.

I believe that she has a strong will but is a good listener.  Sometimes a child just needs someone to listen to him/her and feel the quiet of the evening together.