Explain why the Interaction of the respitory and the circulatory systems is necessary for the frog's survival?This was a lab question that i dont understand.

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♣ ON LAND :-

Like other amphibians, frogs have a heart with three chambers—two atria, or receiving chambers for blood, and one ventricle, or pumping chamber. When a frog is on land, the ventricle pumps blood into two sets of blood vessels: one leading to the lungs, where blood picks up a fresh supply of oxygen, and the other leading to the body, where oxygen-rich blood is dispersed.



When the frog is underwater and not using its lungs to breathe, the vessels leading to the lungs constrict and most of the blood goes to the body. This system provides efficient ways of delivering oxygen to the frog’s body tissues regardless of whether the frog is in the water or on land.


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