Explain why both Magwitch and Miss Havisham are dynamic characters.

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Magwitch is a brutal man when he first appears on the marshes, but because of a lifetime of suffering he has become kind and gentle by the time he dies. Miss Havisham is bitter and spiteful when Pip first encounters her, but she changes into a pathetic and remorseful old woman when she realizes the unhappiness she has caused Estella and Pip. These are dynamic characters. Five characters who are static are Joe Gargery and Biddy, Mr. Jaggers and his assistant Mr. Wemmick, and Pip's friend Herbert Pocket. Joe and Biddy are honest, hard-working, loving and loyal friends to Pip. Mr. Jaggers is harsh, logical, blunt, realistic, overbearing. Wemmick mimics Jaggers at work but is eccentric and whimsical at home with his aged parent. Herbert Pocket is good natured, impractical, honest, and loyal to Pip. Other minor characters who are static include Orlick, Pip's sister, Mr. Pumblechook, and Bentley Drummle.

Pip, of course, is a dynamic character; he changes from an ignorant laboring boy into a gentleman with a fairly good education. He is thoroughly disillusioned with his great expectations. The main story is about Pip's dynamic change of character.

Estella changes only slightly because of the intensive conditioning she has received at the hands of Miss Havisham.


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