Explain why Animal Farm is considered to be an example of satire.

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Satire is a genre of literature that mocks people, organizations, and society, often in a humorous way, and often with the goal of improving the world at large. Animal Farm is an excellent example of this. The characters in this play are an allegory of the failed communist revolution in in Soviet Union. It shows the hypocrisy of the pigs, who overthrow the humans only to become even worse themselves. This mimics the communists leaders, who overthrew the oppressive Tsar only to become equally or more oppressive themselves. Many moments in story are perfect representations of this revolution, such as the rise of Napoleon's resemblance to the rise of Joseph Stalin. It is also, however, a wider look at the nature of oppressive politics and the pitfalls of communism. It aims to persuade the reader to reconsider his or her political and social opinions and take a more more astute look at leaders' promises of a better world.

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