Explain what you take to be the strongest argument in defense of an employee's right to participate in managerial decision making.

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There are actually a number of arguments in favor of including employees in the managerial decision-making process and quite a few against this inclusion as well. Let's review some of each.

Allowing employees a voice in how a company is run gives employees a greater sense of ownership in the company and in their jobs. Employees who feel like they have a voice in decision-making are more involved in their jobs and in the company as a whole. Their morale is higher, and their sense of responsibility stronger. They have a greater vested interest in making the company succeed, and the decisions they help make flourish and bear fruit.

Managers who allow employees to take a part in the decision-making process also have access to a wider range of ideas and suggestions. While management may be stuck on a particular problem, for instance, the employees who cope with that problem on a daily basis may have the exact solutions needed.

Involving employees in decision-making also improves communication throughout the workplace, allows managers to delegate more responsibility (and have time for other tasks), and increases a sense of teamwork.

On the other side of the coin, many managers wonder if involving employees in the decision-making process will blur the lines of authority too much and place decisions in the hands of people who don't necessarily have the whole picture of the issue. Rules might easily be bent or broken in the process, and people may overstep the boundaries of their jobs and try to take on too much authority.

Further, involving too many people in decision-making makes the process far more complex and time-consuming. Everyone must receive information about the decision and be allowed to express an opinion. There must also be some kind of way of voting on a decision. This can prevent a decision from being made in a timely fashion.

Now to complete your assignment, think about which of these arguments, on both the pro and the con sides, are the strongest. You might choose the sense of ownership for the pro and the increased complexity for the con, for example, or other arguments might appeal to you more.

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