Does God exist?Explain what you take to be the strongest argument or reason to believe that God exists or the strongest argument or reason to believe he does not exist.

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When I look at the scientific evidence of how our world and our planet came to be, I cannot understand a disbelief in God.  It is too perfect and too precise to have happened by chance.  As to how many Gods there are, I personally believe there is only one.  I agree that some cultures have invented gods and/or goddesses to explain the world around them.  For instance, it is often believed that the Greeks invented the story of Zeus to explain the lightning.  However, I do not believe that all stories of any god are a myth.  As to the difference between humans and God, I would say we are as different as the potter and the clay.  God is a supernatural being while we are carbon based life forms. 

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Absolutely, God exists. Evidence of God's existence can be found in the infinite diversity and detail of all creation, in the spirit of love and caring found within the heart of humanity, in the miracle of life in all its richness.

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I agree with posts 2 and 3, as far as the physical world is concerned. But I find the strongest proof in the way in which people care for and love each other. I don't believe that a godless universe would be populated by people who were willing to sacrifice for each other. This is the part of God that lives within us working through us.


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I would suggest that something had to create the universes as we know it. When driving around, looking at the awesome scenery, I cannot help but think about the beauty of it all. Given that nothing else has bee actually proven, why not give credit to such an omnipotent power as God?

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The strongest argument for the existence of God, in my opinion, is the existence of the universe.  It may well be implausible to assume God exists, but the whole idea that the universe even exists is implausible in itself.  If our universe can exist, I see nothing outrageous about believing that God exists and God created that universe.

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luiji | Student, Grade 11 | (Level 1) Salutatorian

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Thank u for ur comments. If God exists which is the right God and which is the correct religion?

Which is the right God and which is the correct religion?

If I were to answer this question, you wouldn't understand because you are ignorant of God and of faith.

But if God didn't exist, how can you account for the wonders of this universe? What out there has the power and intelligence to create life? Or maybe you're one of those who believe that everything came about from nothing and a big bang...

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I believe God does exist. I think there is one God, one creator who has created all of us and everything around us; the tree's, grass, animals, more nature. I do NOT belive in the 'big bang' theory. It is all made up and cannot be true. How could all those things come out of nothing and everything just came together by itself? This can't be right. Someone must have created them, God created them. There is a big difference between God and us. A BIG difference. He can so everything, see everything, hear everything, want everything, smell everything.. We can't do a thousand things at the same time, we can't see someone on the other side of the world, but God can.

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I don't want to impose my opinions on anyone but seriously, the idea of god is not at all convincing. Follow reason and logic and you will understand things in a much better way. I think one of the strongest reason why the idea of "god" has survived this long is that it is much easier to throw in the towel and pray but just imagine doctors doing that.... seems horrible, isn't it? I could go on and on and give tons of examples but following reason and logic seems to be the safest bet.   

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As a Muslim, I feel that my faith not logic or reasoning  is central to my own personal belief in God, and I would not try to spend time explaining this, first one way then the other, without a real or proper organised case, to someone who simply doesnt believe.

Thus, it seems to me that Mr najm1947 is just wasting time. Mr frizzyperm is at liberty to believe or not to believe what he wishes and pleases, and that's that.

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Thanks Frizzy for being patient with me and thanks again for all your the remarks about me. There is no inconsistency in my reasoning and I am going to clarify it here once for all.

Quran is basically a guidance for mankind from the Creator. To prove that Quran is from the Creator, God has mentioned few facts that were not known to man at the time Quran was revealed. We came to know about them through science, and that is all about it. How one can call it confusing.

I understand your problem. You don't believe in God nor you want to. So when I present some facts from Quran, in God's words that can not be denied, you get anoyed. Surely you are left with no choice but to show your agony because logic forces you to believe in God but probably your ego does not let you do that. So be happy and I am not forcing you to listen to me.

If you feel I am wasting you time, you can make your decision in not answering my posts. I hope manys other on eNotes are benefiting from what I say.

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The Quran never claims to be a miraculous scientific text-book - Najm.

WTF?! So why have you spent 6+ months insisting you can show me that The Koran contains academic knowledge too advanced for Muhammad??????

Najm, I tried to be patient with you, because you are easily the most intelligent and educated non-western muslim that we have had on Enotes. But your arguments jump around like a frog in a frying pan. As a teacher who can evaluate performance, I have to say that every single one of the previous 5 or 6 non-western muslims on Enotes have been extremely poor intellectually, and very fundamentalist. So I was gentle with you up to now, but this latest comment is the limit.

For the last 6 months you have insisted that the koran contains unique scientific knowledge. Now you inform me that you think the koran is not a scientific book!?!?! I am utterly lost and confused by your latest response and I'm 99% sure that you haven't a clue what you are talking about. 


You show no consistency. You're a logical butterfly, skipping from point to point. Each point taken individually may appear to be a reasonable answer to my posts, but taken collectively they add up to a spaghetti of nonsense. 

So, Najm... if the koran is some sort of science-book-from-God, then stop wasting my time and go win the Nobel prize. If it isn't a science book, then, you lose and it's just a book of silly magic stories written by primitive goat-herders.

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najm1947 | Elementary School Teacher | (Level 1) Valedictorian

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In reply to 20:

I have to rely on Quran as it is the truth and not science the half truth when I have to choose. Secondly you have agreed that Quran provides you with truth in case of Pharaoh's preservation and sex determination by sperm.

And regarding your remarks about embryo:

The claims in the Koran about embryos are utterly vague and unclear and they were commonly held in Muhammad's day. - Frizzy

I can just laugh, something that was not known to the west relatively very recently was commonly held in Mohammad's day - What an ignorant west!

The koran simply isn't a miraculous scientific text-book. Clay is composed of phyllosilicates, (Al,Si)3O4. We are not made of clay. Doesn't God know that??? - Frizzy

Quran never claims to be a miraculous scientific text-book, and who knows better than God, all Knowing. Surely bone-dry clay is mainly aluminium silicate but where do you find it like that? In nature it is found combined with other minerals in addition to water, salts and organic matter that are essential for life and the extract of clay are these substances, are not they? You do not extract Aluminium from clay but its oxide ores, mainly Bauxite. God knows very well that we are made from the extract of clay as He has created us.


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Najm, you always try to cherry pick tiny little snippits from the koran and then try to stretch them into some huge claim. It is a little tragic to be honest. It is very embarrassing, watching you try to stitch a whole magnificent tapestry from a few centimeters of bare thread.

The claims in the Koran about embryoes are utterly vague and unclear and they were commonly held in Muhammad's day. And apart from anything else, you quote includes this...

We [God] created man from an extract of clay.

The koran simply isn't a miraculous scientific text-book. Clay is composed of phyllosilicates, (Al,Si)3O4. We are not made of clay. Doesn't God know that???

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In reply to 17:

In many eNotes discussions you have called Mohammad as illiterate man of the desert. Yes, he was illiterate but then how could he say that the body of Pharaoh drowned in sea will be preserved when it was not even mentioned in Bible.

"Today we will preserve your body (O Pharaoh), that you may be a Sign to those who come after you! But indeed, many among mankind are neglectful of Our Signs." (Al Quran 10:92)

The above has been proved. Also how could he mention stages of human embryonic development in such detail?

We created man from an extract of clay.  Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed.  Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed substance)... Quran 23:12-14

And how could he mention the determination of sex by sperm.

And it is He who has made thee pairs - male and female. From the sperm when it is placed. Quran 53:45-46

These cannot be the worlds of an illiterate dessert man who lived 1400 years back. Surely these are the words of God. So when you say:

Najm how can you possibly present such patently ridiculous circular reasoning??? - Frizzy

It is not circular reasoning. We have the same old problem as we had in many previous discussion. You cannot concede to the idea that God is the Creator and he sent any message to mankind because you do not believe in God whereas I do.


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