Osmosis Experiment Explain what will happen if water is in the Visking tubing and the sugar solution is in the beaker

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This is an experiment sometimes done by a class and sometimes as a demonstration by a teacher. It is used to demonstrate practically the process of osmosis to students.

Osmosis refers to the net diffusion of water molecules from an area of less negative water potential to more negative water potential. That latter statement probably requires some explanation. Osmosis refers solely to the movement of water molecules. If two solutions are separated by a membrane that water molecules will pass through some will move in either direction; however, most will move in a particular direction. This is described as "net diffusion". A solution based on water as the solvent is called an aqueous solution and we measure their concentrations in terms of water potential. The question is not really about that so I do not want to get over complicated about it. In summary, pure water (nothing else present) has a water potential of zero. The minute you had a solute the water potential becomes negative....

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