In "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird," explain what the two men are doing on the Cain family's property.

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In "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird," the two men who are on Granny Cain's property are filmmakers. They also have their cameraman with them. Only one of the two men is given a name by the narrator. She calls him Smilin because he never stops smiling. The other man doesn't do much talking and so the narrator doesn't give him a name. The narrator calls their cameraman Camera. She notes that his shoulder stays raised even when the camera is removed, as it was when Granddaddy requested with a look and a gesture that the camera be given to him.

Smilin and his two companions are working for the county in the South where Granny Cain and Granddaddy Cain live with their family. The county hired the two men and the cameraman to make a documentary film about the Federal and State Food Stamp Program in the county. They have it in their heads that Granny's house looks like a good place to include in their documentary film. Granny thinks otherwise.

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