Explain what three of the characters in the play Romeo and Juliet do to prove their love.

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blacksheepunite eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I see the lover's actual deaths as reactive. I think this shows despair rather than love (although one could argue that the despair is evident of how deeply they did love). Still, I don't see the acts themselves as evidence of love.

Here's my three:

The nurse proves her love by helping Juliet even though doing so is against her employer's best interests. She risks her job to help Juliet. She also proves her love by suggesting that Juliet marry Paris instead. Once she knows events won't work out as expected, she tries to get Juliet well placed--and fast.

The friar also proves his love by going against the interests of his employer (so to speak) when he marries the two lovers without parental consent or the saying of the banns and again when he gives Juliet the potion that gives her the appearance of being dead. Not only does he place other considerations over the laws of the church here (he acts within the dictates of his conscience when he says that the marriage might end the feud), but in dealing in drugs he also meddles in God's affairs. 

Finally, Juliet is willing to risk death to keep her body and her love pure for Romeo. In taking the potion she knows she might not survive.

All of these involve a conscious decision and a willingness to place the best interests of others above their own worldly concerns.  

Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Nurse does Juliet's bidding, that is going behind her parent's backs and against their wishes to help Juliet run away with Romeo.  She loves her charge completely, so much so that she is willing to go against her better judgment to please Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet, of course, die for the love of one another.  Romeo, thinking Juliet is dead (not, as she is, in a deep sleep) drinks a vial of poison and dies.  He loves her so much he cannot live without her.  Juliet awakens, sees that her love is dead, and plunges his dagger into her heart, thus "proving" her love for him by dying as well.

Another less obvious choice for "proving" of love is the ending of the feud between the Capulets and Montagues.  In their childrens' deaths, the realize how much they did love them and agree to put an end to the age-old feud between the families.   

arjun | Student

Man’s search is love for quenching spiritual or parted thirst and run the life in the materialistic world with such spirit. This romantic tragedy really quivered my existence and plunged me into memoirs. Dialogues purified my filthy desires and recalled me as the best creature of God. The devotion and love of characters smashed my arrogance and led me to thorough fare.
In this romantic tragedy, the role of nurse is laudable engaged to foster her child and to scarify her self for joy of it. Though she is the servant of Capulet, disobeys him by helping Romeo and Juilet and making secret the tidings of their marriage. She plays her role as mother, friend and confidant. When Romeo is banished, for her sake she advises to marry Paris.
Friar, he is very faithful to Romeo and his love. he for hi happiness and removing enmity between the Capulet and the Montagues,unites the couple in the bond of marriage and is in quest of appropriate occasion to disclose the secret. His last trick to reunite the lovers was the great test of his love and sincerity, but kismet remained contrary to his wish.
Romeo and Juilet proved their love having died for each other:
Love can sweeten a sour name.
This great sacrifice brought peace between two families and added a new flag of faith and sacrifice to love.

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