What is the sociological imagination?

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The sociological imagination is the process of using your imagination to see connections between your life (or the life of another person) and the broader world as a whole. 

In sociology, we try to understand the connections between large social conditions or facts and people’s lives.  We try to think about how, for example, membership in a given group affects a person’s life.  The ability to see these connections is the sociological imagination.

Let us look at an example from someone’s personal life.  Let us say that you have a female friend who thinks she wants to be a grade school teacher.  Using the sociological imagination, you can see how her sex might push her towards this career choice in American society.  You might be able to realize that our society sees women as nurturers and, therefore, as ideal teachers of young children.  You might be able to note that grade school teachers are relatively low-paid and less respected than many people with comparable education.  This, you could imagine, is another reason why women are steered towards such jobs.

The sociological imagination allows us to take things that seem to be simply personal and connect them to broader characteristics of our society.

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