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Explain what the sentences below reveal about males and females and their roles. The scene is at a hospital where a man's wife is giving birth. And this is what he's saying to himself in his mind. 'Oh Jesus Christ, he thought. Gentle Jesus, don't play with me. Let him be dead but don't crucify me. The chest filled. Oh, don't f*** with me! A hand moved. Five fingers. Oh dear God. Other hands were genter with it. There was grace in plying of his limbs. A horrible ache rose from low in the man's spine. He knew it was love.'

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With the birth of children in particular, men and women play very different roles.  As a woman, it is easier to fall in love with the child before it is born.  It is a part of the woman and she feels it move inside her.  She recognizes that it is an independent and wonderful creature before it is even born.  For a man, things are a little different.  The man doesn't really get to experience the child until it is in the world.  For him, it is often a surreal experience until the child is separate from the mother.  The wonder of the child and the bond between father and child is often formed after the birth rather than before as it is with the woman.  In the modern world of 3-D ultrasounds, this has changed a little, but it is usually not until the father can hold the child that he has the life changing experience of falling in love with his child.

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