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Explain what the sentence below reveals about males and females and their roles. waiting in the waiter's room in hospital, waiting for his wife when she just gave birth. 'The delivery room was still empty. He paced in a wide arc from one corner to the other. His head ached. He began to job. Fifteen hours. He wondered what he had been like fifteen hours ago.'

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This is a hard question, because there is very little context. What we do know from these sentences is a follows. First, this man probably works in a delivery room. Second, he is sick; his head is pounding. Third, he works long hours - 15 hours to be exact. Fourth, his job is mindless and he wonders what he has been doing.

Based on the four points above, we can deduce very little about gender roles. But if we have to take a guess, we can probably say two things. First, since there is no mention of women, men are the ones who work hard outside of the house. Second, if men are the ones who are working, then we are probably dealing with a patriarchal view of the world. In conclusion, as I stated, very little can be stated with certainly based on the limited context.

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I forgot to add that he was waiting in the waiter's room in hospital, waiting for her wife when she just gave birth.